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As part of the MedISA research, various instruments for measuring Information Security Awareness have been compiled in a catalogue, which can be used for further research and practical applications.

The compiled instruments provide evidence of reliability and validity; however, the scientific quality criteria vary. For more information, please refer to the associated publications.

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Cyber Security Awareness Scale Based on Recommendation of ENISA and the U.S. HHS (CSAS)

Authors: Hyla, Tomasz, Fabisiak, Luiza
Publication Title: Measuring Cyber Security Awareness within Groups of Medical Professionals in Poland.
Date: 2020

Language of Items: English
Number of Items: 18
Reliability: not available
Validity: Construct Validity

Response Specification: Single and multiple-choice questions

Did you have cyber security training at work?
Do you think that the electronic circulation of documents at your healthcare site is adequately protected?
Do you use a mobile device (smartphone or tablet) to read electronic medical records?
Can you copy medical records to a non-secured portable storage?
The program for creating and processing electronic medical records does not allow granting physicians the rights to:
When making an incorrect entry in the electronic medical records system, the entry...: (3 correct answers)
Does the electronic medical record system allow you to: (multiple choice, 2 correct answers)
Do you know the legal consequences related to the public disclosure of a patient’s medical data?
Can you securely send a patient’s medical records by email?
Are you aware of the existence of simple online tools that allow you to impersonate any email address?
Can you electronically sign documents?
Do you issue medical certificates in the form of digitally signed documents?
What conditions must exist to consider edocuments secure?
Does a pdf file containing the scan of a printed and signed document have more legal value than a pdf document without an electronic signature (in Poland)?
Is the software on your computer continuously updated? (2 correct answers)
If you find a pen drive in a cafe, will you connect it to your computer at work? ...: (2 correct answers)
You received an email in your work inbox with information from the system administrator asking you to click on a link, log in, and confirm your password to conduct administrative tasks in the system. What will you do? ...: (3 correct answers)
You received medical documentation (in the form of a.pdf file) as an email attachment regarding a patient from another specialist. Can you trust that the documentation received is authentic? How can you check it? (multiple choice, 2 correct answers)