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As part of the MedISA research, various instruments for measuring Information Security Awareness have been compiled in a catalogue, which can be used for further research and practical applications.

The compiled instruments provide evidence of reliability and validity; however, the scientific quality criteria vary. For more information, please refer to the associated publications.

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End-User Security Attitudes Scale (SA-6)

Authors: Faklaris C., Dabbish L., Hong, J. I.
Publication Title: A Self-Report Measure of End-User Security Attitudes.
Date: 2019

Language of Items: English
Number of Items: 6
Reliability: Cronbach’s alpha = .88
Validity: Content, construct, convergent, and discriminant validity

Response Specification: Five-point Likert scale (1=Strongly disagree to 5=Strongly agree)

I seek out opportunities to learn about security measures that are relevant to me.
I am extremely motivated to take all the steps needed to keep my online data and accounts safe.
Generally, I diligently follow a routine about security practices.
I often am interested in articles about security threats.
I always pay attention to experts' advice about the steps I need to take to keep my online data and accounts safe.
I am extremely knowledgeable about all the steps needed to keep my online data and accounts safe.