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Im Rahmen der MedISA-Forschung wurden verschiedene Messinstrumente zur Erfassung der Information Security Awareness in einem Katalog zusammengestellt, die für weitere Forschungsarbeiten und praktische Anwendungen genutzt werden können.

Die zusammengestellten Instrumente bieten Hinweise auf Reliabilität und Validität, die wissenschaftlichen Gütekriterien sind jedoch von unterschiedlicher Qualität. Weitere Hinweise entnehmen Sie den dazugehörigen Publikationen.

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Four Measurement Scales (4-MS)

Autoren: Öğütçü G., Testik Ö. M., Chouseinoglou O.
Titel der Veröffentlichung: Analysis of personal information security behavior and awareness.
Jahr: 2016

Sprache der Items: Englisch
Anzahl an Items: 80
Reliabilität: Cronbach’s alpha = 0.9345
Validität: Inhaltsvalidität

Mark the following questions according to your opinion.

Conservative Behavior Scale (CBS), Risky Behavior Scale (RBS), Exposure to Offence Scale (EOS): 5-point Likert scale with "Always" , "Often", "Usually", "Rarely", "Never".

Risk Perception Scale (RPS): 5-point Likert scale with "Too Dangerous", "Dangerous", "Less Dangerous", "Safe", "No idea"

I use my corporate e-mail address for my personal businesses as well.
I try to use original (licensed) software in my computer.
I use programs like virus screening, spy software, etc.
I use programs as security wall, advertisement preventing programs.
I use content filtering programs.
I use e-mail filtering software.
I am informed about the activities online by using follow up software.
I review temporary Internet files and Internet history.
I delete temporary Internet files and Internet history before leaving a public computer.
I use password for my files.
I use complicated and long passwords that cannot be easily guessed for my accounts on the Internet.
I use electronic/mobile signature.
I generally used the favorites list while entering the Internet sites.
I have a password to turn on my computer.
I turn off the automatic use aspect of my computer.
I pay attention whether the web sites I visit have SSL certificate.
I often change my passwords.
I change my wireless modem password.
If I send the same message to more than one person, I use blind carbon copy (BCC).
I do regular updates on the programs I use.
I have had trouble due to computer viruses.
I have experienced financial loss as a result of online shopping.
My credit card has been copied.
I have had trouble since I shared my personal information on the Internet.
I experienced financial loss since I used electronic banking.
My personal information has been shared with third parties/published on the Internet without my authorization.
My user name and password related with my accounts on the Internet were accessed.
I have been insulted or threatened on the Internet by people I do not know.
I have had loss due to gambling web sites.
I have had loss due to social network sites.
I have had loss due to friendship sites.
I have faced with websites with violence or pornographic content while surfing on the Internet out of my intention.
My files on my computer have been stolen /deleted.
Fake accounts have been on behalf of my name.
Correspondence I did on the Internet was viewed or saved by others out of my desire or knowledge.
I use Messenger, GTalk, Skype and similar chat programs.
I use e-mail as a way of communication.
I become a member of e-mail groups on the Internet.
I use Facebook, Twitter and similar social network sites.
I have more than one e-mail addresses.
I accept invitations for applications sent on social networks.
I use online banking.
I do shopping on the Internet.
I use web sites that provide e-citizenship services (identity number inquiry, social security premiums etc.).
I play online games.
I download/save music, movies, programs and files.
I watch online videos/movies.
I share my contact information on the Internet when required (Cell number, email, address).
I share my personnel information on the Internet when required (First and last name, date of birth etc.).
I transfer files while chat.
I give access to the files on my computer.
I use online banking at places where there is Internet access for public.
I share my passwords with others.
I keep my passwords written in places that can easily be found.
I open e-mails from strangers, download attachments.
Antivirus Software
Spy programs (Keylogger, Screenlogger,Trojan etc.)
File sharing programs (Ares, LimeWire etc.)
Mobile codes such as ActiveX, JavaScript etc.
Web search engines (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome etc.)
Chat programs (Messenger, etc.)
Undesired/ Spam / Junk e-mail
Online games
USB/External memory
MS Office applications (Word, Excel etc.)
Use of keyboard
Use of copy/pirated program
Downloading materials such as music/photo/movie without paying anything
Opening e-mails with advertising content
Use of online banking
Sharing chat / information with strangers online
Shopping online
Entering pornographic web sites
Entering gambling web sites
Becoming a member to social networks (Facebook, Twitter etc.)
Use of Bluetooth
Use of wireless modem
Loading money to phone on Internet
Use of unlicensed or free security program
Virus software